rollos jumbo

Papelera San Andrés de Giles produces reels to convert into toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins, tissues and professional use products.
With a wide variety of compositions, dimensions and grammages, jumbo rolls in pure cellulose are produced with the best fibers selected, in recycled cellulose and deink with a 2,76 m width, 2,2 m  diameter and 2.500kg weight. Gramms goes from 14 g/m²  to 52  g/m²  based on the needs of our customers.

Gramms goes from 14 g/m² to 52 g/m² based on the needs of our customers.

semi-industrial jumbo rolls

Papelera San Andés de Giles produces and commercializes pre-cut reels to size based on the clients requests (width range goes from 90 mm to 2.760 mm).

Print technology

The applied technology allows to print directly on the line, customizable for each client.

Rewinding and cut

The quality of unwinding, even with more plies, is guaranteed by the cut system and by the web tension control on the unwinding machine.