The productive plant is deep in the green at the crossroad of Ruta Nacional Nº 7 with Ruta Provincial Nº 41 at San Andrés de Giles, in Buenos Aires province.


The best technology available today on the market for the tissue industry.

Futura Tango 1


Futura Tango 2


Omet line for napkins


Inside the plant an integrated optimized cycle takes place, which goes from the jumbo rolls production to toilet paper and kitchen rolls converting,  as well as folded products such as napkins and dental bibs.

The implementation of technologically advanced converting lines and the perfect organization of the production allow Papelera San Andres de Giles to offer a wide range of high quality products.

Integrated and fully automated production chain.
– Just-in-time production organization.
Guarantee of constant quality of the finished product.


The continuous machine crescent former produces jumbo rolls in pure virgin cellulose and has a system for the treatment of pulp destinated to the production of high quality recycled paper or pure cellulose regenerated paper. Cleaning and control activated systems allow to ensure a consistent production of high value jumbo rolls.


Futura Tango 1

A complete line that combines the most technologically advanced machinery for each phase of the tissue converting to obtain double-ply toilet paper and embossed kitchen towels with the highest quality on the market. Papelera San Andrés de Giles is today the only company in Argentina able to produce 4 colors decorated rolls.

Futura Tango 2

A new complete line for the production of high quality single-ply toilet paper rolls with high embossing thickness that increases the softness in contact with the skin and improves the aesthetics of the roll. The latest generation of winding system improves the appearance of the rolls giving them more compactness and a symmetrical profile.

Omet line for napkins

A high technological line for the production of single-ply embossed napkins with high strength and absorbency capacity. The integrated lamination group enables the realization of double-ply napkins with “fabric effect”, softer, thicker and more beautiful on the table.