To produce the best tissue paper using the most advanced  technology developed worldwide to satisfy the requests of clients and consumers with high quality products and to be leader in a rapidly evolving market.


Become a reference company in manufacturing tissue for domestic and professional usage in Argentina.

Achieve clients trust and built strong long lasting commercial relations.

Gain the fidelity of brand products final consumers.


The daily actions of Papelera San Andrés de Giles is based on these fundamental values:

  1. Constant improvements:  industrial process that becomes more efficient everyday and final products that have a surplus value recognized by the market.
  2. Respect: for the people that work in the company and for all the people with whom we have commercial relations;  conservation of the enviroment where we live that is everyone’s heritage.
  3. Development: a high quality production to support the diffusion of tissue paper use in consumers houses and in the professional field.
  4. Integrity: be honest in negotiation and reliable in the agreements, always maintaining the given words.